Why volunteer with us?

  • Make a difference in your local community by giving people the opportunity to speak up about their health and social care
  • Make new friends as you become part of the Healthwatch team
  • Boost your CV as you develop new skills and confidence in the workplace
  • Use your skills to contribute to the success of Healthwatch across Wokingham Borough.
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Healthwatch Wokingham Borough Champion

Help us spread the word about how Healthwatch works together with the community to improve health and social care services.

In this role you will:

  • Help promote Healthwatch Wokingham Borough and its role within your local community
  • Encourage people to share their views and experiences of local health and social care services
  • Highlight services that could be improved to Healthwatch Wokingham Borough 

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Enter and View Authorised Representative

Our Team are able to go into health and social care premises to collect the views of patients, relatives and staff at the point of service delivery and observe the nature and quality of services.

In this role you will:

  • Report back observations to Healthwatch Wokingham Borough of the health and social care services you have entered.
  • Gather the views of patients, residents, relatives and carers to help shape any recommendations Healthwatch Wokingham Borough make to the services to help improve.

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Research/Project Volunteer

Help develop our health and social care projects. From conducting research, compiling feedback, preparing surveys, our project volunteers help support us with health and social care consultations.

In this role you will:

  • Help us prepare for surveys, consultations and visits by preparing documentation and other resources as needed

  • Conduct basic research with guidance from Healthwatch Wokingham Borough.     

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Other ways to get involved

  • Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) 
    PLACE help hospital organisations understand how well they are meeting the needs of their patients and identify where improvements can be made. Our volunteers share research from Healtwatch Wokingham Borough on patient’s views and experiences.

  • Reading Group
    Occasionally we are asked to review documents for other organisations e.g. NHS and local councils and asked if they are written in plain language without the use of jargon.

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